Tip of the day :Oil Massage

At least twice in a week ,give your body a good oil massage.Take any,whichever is comfortable to you …for example Olive oil, Mustard Oil, any good ready made body massage oil.


After being done with the massage ,wait for minimum 1 houror more and take a cold water bathe.


1.It Reduces sun tan

2.Its makes skin glowy naturally


3.It improves the skin texture

4.It improves the skin tone

5.Due to more blood circulation on the skin it aids in regenerating new skin cells,which actually reduces any kind of dark spot on the skin.

6. It helps you to reduce the appearance of cellulite


Picture:  Cellulite reduce effectively with regular oil massage

7.It keeps the skin young


8.It tones your muscles which directly gives you beautiful body shape

9.It makes your skin healthy and fairer


Author: bebeautifullweb

A girl who believes in being beautiful in and out

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