Maybelline White Superfresh 12HR Whitening + Perfecting Compact Review

Hello Beauties,

Today I am going to review Maybelline White Superfresh 12HR Whitening + Perfecting Compact.

Skin type : Oiliy,Acne prone



Product Description:
Women feel their complexion looks and feels best in the morning- right after applying the compact. However, as the day goes on, ordinary compacts may mix with sweat and oil. Making the complexion look dark, dull and patchy. And feel cakey and dirty. Perlite, a pure mineral with skin perfecting powers. Visibly lightens complexion, while absorbing sweat and oil. UV filters protects skin from both sun darkening and damage. 12hr fair, fresh and perfect: Fair, fresh and protected, your complexion looks  and feels perfect all day long- even in hot, humid weather.

Maybelline White Superfresh 12HR Whitening + Perfecting Compact 2

How to Use:
Apply all over the face and neck with the puff provided. Blend well around the eyes, along the hairline and jawline, for a naturally perfect-looking complexion.

Rs 150 for 8g

My Experience with Maybelline White Superfresh 12HR Whitening + Perfecting Compact:

I came across this baby recently and anything that belongs to Maybelline has to be tried by me because I love this brand so much, because its awesome and cost effective.This compact comes in a very refreshing looking white box with blue design that resembles the name “ White Superfresh”. It has all its claim written behind in a very nice way, making it clear that what this compact has that other compacts do not.

The compact comes in 3 shades and they are pearl, shell and coral. Since pearl seemed the lightest to me, I thought that it would easily blend with my skin color.About the cost, I am sure you cannot miss this awesome product when they are offering it to you at such a cheap cost.

The compact comes in a white container with just the brand name over it. It contains a puff inside with a mirror. The puff is very soft and great in quality, which glides very softly all over the face.


The texture looks very fine and smooth in the pan with a very pleasant fruity floral fragrance,which also adds to the freshness. I was very happy to see that the pearl shade exactly blended with my skin tone giving a natural finish to my face. It does whiten the face as I could easily note the difference during application.


I applied it to the half of my face and was amazed to see that left side looked very dull and pale while the right one, where I had applied the compact looked extremely  fresh and bright. It instantly transforms the look of your skin, it totally camouflages the dull and pale skin with a fresh and bright layer.

My eye area though being very dull looked healthy after applying this. It does provide a light coverage making the skin look very natural.


I have oily skin, so my face usually produces sebum and this has a mattifying effect too. It took away all the excess oil and shine making my face matte and glowing.It did control the oil for like 3 hours, which is good. After 4 hours the coverage starts fading a bit, but the skin does not dull out at any point. So, the 12hr whitening claim is not that true, but it fulfills all the other claims.

I am extremely happy with this .This is not something you would want to wear during occasions, but it is apt for daily wear.


Pros of Maybelline White Superfresh 12HR Whitening + Perfecting Compact:

  • White and blue packaging, which resembles the name, superfresh.
  • Very travel friendly and extremely affordable.
  • Contains a puff and a mirror inside, the quality of the puff is soft and it glides in a very gentle way on my face.
  • Compact looks very natural on the face and no one will get to know that you have actually used one.
  • I can clearly see the whitening and brightening effect as and when I apply it.
  • Refreshes my complexion and makes it very bright and healthy looking.
  • The dull layer is camouflaged with a fresh layer.
  • Eye area looks very bright and not at all tired even if it is.
  • Gives a mattifying effect and controls the oil for 3 hours, which is a boon for oily skin.
  • Takes away all the excess shine and oil in one swipe.
  • Provides a light coverage, which is great for everyday use.
  • Although the powder wears off, my skin looks fresh and bright all day.

Cons of Maybelline White Superfresh 12HR Whitening + Perfecting Compact:

  • Only 3 shades to select from

Will I Repurchase/ Recommend Maybelline White Superfresh 12HR Whitening + Perfecting Compact?
Hell yes. I am currently in love with this compact because it is an awesome product. I would recommend it to all the beauties having any skin type to get this and try for daily use.


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